What is a digital consultant or a digital agency?

Understanding that digital transformation is a series of new challenges for every company, it is necessary to have the appropriate staff to fulfill as an important role as being responsible for carrying out this innovation project.

And it is that not everyone can do it because it requires a broad knowledge of the subject and a strategic vision of the business that allows designing the best path to follow within the digital ecosystem.

In Panama, there has been great growth in these initiatives and there are several options for either a digital consultant or a digital agency. Then, begin to appear words like SEO, SEM, social media, among others, which are the day to day of an expert in the field.

But, what does a digital consultant do?


This professional is in charge of advising on digital matters and is able to develop the company’s digital project, including the digital marketing strategy.

No matter the nature of the business, it will always be necessary to have a digital presence to get closer to our audience and get to know us quickly and effectively, also generally at lower costs than with traditional marketing strategies that are almost obsolete today.

A digital consultant is not a friend or cousin who offers his incipient help in the matter, it should not be if you are looking for quality results. You must be a professional in the area that will help you in defining clear strategies and objectives for your company.

This expert helps you define and strengthen your brand through branding, define the objectives and strategies in addition to the specific plans linked to these objectives, help you find the target of your business, take care of your presence and online reputation, develop initiatives and actions to enhance your online presence, and always measure the results obtained and define new steps to follow from the analysis of these results.

This person defines the voice of your company in the digital ecosystem and is your face and presence before the audience that is watching you.

In case you hire an agency


If you decide to find a digital agency in Panama, you may have different alternatives to the figure of a consultant. The consultant defines the path to follow but does not execute it, it is not who is within your company making all this happen, but it will help you to have a robust team to achieve it.

In the case of a digital agency you can have a team that will develop the process from start to finish but most likely without exclusivity towards your company, that is, you will have limited resources and time from the agency for the development of your project as they execute multiple to the same time.

A consultant can offer you full-time dedication to your business for as long as it takes to have the plan.

Whatever your decision is, the important thing is to know the previous and background references of the professional or agency that you choose, because this will depend on the success of your investment to have a presence in the digital ecosystem.

Contact us, we can help you make the best decision for your business.

Talking about Digital Transformation in Panama

Talking about digital transformation begins with an understanding of the process behind these words and concepts. Knowing what digital transformation means and what it implies is what allows us to apply this to our reality and daily life to maximize its benefits and adopt it as a lifestyle.

It is not a term that is fashionable, it is about going where the world is moving and being in sync with the environment so that our business does not fall behind or lag in the market.

In an environment in which the only constant thing is change, digital transformation in companies is a key goal and should be a strategic priority, making it present in all business areas. The results will be seen in a short time in cost efficiency, income and in the way of doing things based on the digital environment, for sure.

Technology is a tool for business and in Panama, it has proven to be so that more and more companies venture into this world and develop their advances based on this. Especially banking has taken on the challenge and has dared to adopt digital alternatives to modernize and approach to customers, offering pleasant and easy-to-use financial ecosystems.

“We can no longer see technology as an option. It is a strategic tool for business, it tells us where the market is going and who is leading it” said Carlos Meléndez, regional commercial director of KIO Networks for Central America and the Caribbean.

In this sense and with a focus on the financial market, for example, Panama has become the second country in the region to adopt digital alternatives, which suggests that it is a scheme that works and gives results.

Being able to meet the customer thanks to big data, be present with digital marketing strategies, use artificial intelligence and chatbots, among many other options is what allows us to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of customers, offering omnichannel and the possibility of having memorable experiences.

Fight for differentiation and offer excellence in service quality with real-time responses and being present in digital media where our audience is located are other pillars of digital transformation. Here is the key to success within the digital ecosystem.

Challenges of the digital transformation


One of the main challenges has always been security. Being able to guarantee secure digital spaces for the use of customers and that is not prone to electronic crimes is one of the main objectives in this area, so there are always new updates and certifications that allow us to offer a secure ecosystem.

Another major challenge is the ease of navigation and use, and it is for experts in digital development and user experience who have the responsibility to develop spaces that the public understands easily and can use comfortably.

Digital transformation is the new way of seeing the world and doing business, and that is why we put all our knowledge at your fingertips to help you so that you can start in the world of digitalization and see positive results in the short term.

Challenges of the digital economy

The so-called digital economy is nothing more than the environment in which society and the economy developed with the advent of the internet. This means that everyday consumers seek and demand more reliable solutions that are expected to be addressed in the shortest possible time.

Then, we understand that the digital economy is about putting new goods and services at our fingertips and wherever we are. For this, information and communication technologies are used to provide the necessary instruments to process, manage and distribute the information through different media and technological devices, whether they are computers, cell phones, tablets, among others.

This means that the digital economy is present in almost everything we do because it is now possible to analyze the behavior of a user from their online purchases, the posts they share on social media, the searches they do on the navigation engines, among others, so that this data can be processed using big data to give us a complete overview of consumer habits.

But, like all new developments, it has positive aspects and challenges to maximize its benefits for companies.

One of the great challenges in this regard has to do with access to the internet in the world, understanding the limitations that still exist in much of the world and the incipient way in which it is being developed in others. This exclusion is one of the challenges to consider companies that are shaping their businesses in the digital ecosystem.

Another great challenge is security because users want to feel safe when making transactions online, so it is necessary to constantly invest in digital security developments to avoid attacks by hackers and viruses that could harm the company.

The automation of tasks involved in the digitalization process also presents itself as a great challenge because at the human level it generates difficulties in the work environment of companies by firing labor that is no longer necessary, or by the search to optimize costs.

The rise of remote and freelance work has been considered as one of the forms of employment that generated the digital economy and that offers benefits in the flexibility of schedules and costs, as well as a better balance between work and family life.

Other big challenges


Although the digital economy allows free and remote access to markets that were previously unimaginable, we need to know the market and the technologies of the moment to be really competitive and this is a race that does not end.

It is necessary that the business is scalable so that it does not die along the way, based on the use of the internet and information technologies, we need to create innovative products, services, and solutions that allow to be efficient and effective, as well as simple to use by anyone.

Do you want to have tools to face all these challenges successfully? Contact me and discover the full potential of your business within the digital ecosystem to maximize your presence either through digital marketing, SEO, among others